Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tom and I have finally decided to live the dream we dreamt 8 years ago when we went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. The following pictures depict the many reasons why the country calls to us!!! We leave on June 27th, 2009, and will return one year later. Sunshine, surf, lots of rain, and we come!!!

Catching Up With Elliot

Elliot - Just a few weeks old!


Elliot is so dang awesome!!! She got her first tooth at sixteen weeks, and now at six months she has her fourth breaking through :)


She LOVES food, and for the first time I have taken on making my own baby food. I use my own home grown Keifer with all sorts of fruits, beans, sweet potatoes, yams, or anything we are eating for dinner in the blender. Her favorite is strawberies or peaches with bannanna, and like Brooklyn, she really enjoyes black beans. She had her first popsicle last night... shark to it's chum! What's the deal with my family? Both the girls eat like a cowboy, and Brody....well, he might have a young onset of an eating disorder!



She started sitting up all by herslef about two weeks ago, and now she rolls and scoots to everything within eye shot. She can get around pretty well, and although she hasn't gotten up on her hands and knees yet, she can push herself up on her hands like a pro.


The weather has been getting good, and we went to St. George last week. Outside proves to be her favorite place to be.

Last night Elliot went to sleep before 11pm for the first time ever! 8:30, and she slept until 8am with one night feeding at 1:35. Yay for sleep, and going to movies again, and having my hubby all to myself at night :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Elliot's Baby Blessing

Elliot's blessing day was really special. With alot of snow, we did not know who would attend, but everyone made it. Thanks! It was a small circle including; Tom, Bob Sr., Bob Jr., Dave, Ty, Jon, and the Bishop (Bishop Kelly Ammon). Tom blessed Elle "Elliot Betsy Burton", appropriately so, and then proceeded to call her 'Betsy' for the remainder of the blessing. The thing that stood out most in my mind about her blessing, was the blessing that she would pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that she relizes he is the center of our religion. That she has a love for Him, and it is that love that compells her in life. Of course he blessed her to know that we love her sooooooooooo much, and I think she will always know that. She is a gift in our lives, as are all our children, and her timing has been a special gift. Brooklyn and Brody both adore her, and Brooklyn can make her laugh more than anyone. Elle watches Brooklyn all day long, and Brooklyn knows she has her attention, I pray she is a good example. She is so sweet to Elle, often saying, "ok sweetie pie" in the most darling baby talk. I thank Heavenly Father for all my children, they are "my life" as Brody would say :)

Elle with her two Grandpas. What a lucky girl!!!

What a happy girl!

"Gaggy" Dellinger

Elliot LOVES Kate's red hair. She screams at it until she can get a handful to put in her mouth. It is a really fun game, and it gets her going every time!

Great Grandpa Burton

Great Grandma Burton

Brooklyn's Fourth Birthday

We had a friend make her a castle cake (our friends happens to make professional wedding cakes :), it was not only delicious, but beautiful!!! She had four friends over; Maylen Albrechtson, Ally Durrant, Devin Michels, and Taylor Gale. They did a little craft, danced, and had a tea party. They all looked their best in their princess get up. Later that evening we had the cousins all over for dinner, and gifts. It's a good thing we did the princess thing this year, cause it's been all Hannah Montanna since then!

All Your Princess Friends

Castle Cake

Mommy Reading You a Special Poem

I bought Brooky a few gifts and wrote her a little poem to go with them.

"You love princesses, yes you do. But today the most special princess is you!

Princesses, princesses with there perfect hair and dress. Just so you know, your the one we love best!

Let me tell you why....

Like these bubbles float through the air, a princess always remembers to share. Spread your cheer and those true brooky smiles, and all of your love will float on for miles!

Now, a princess is pretty, yes this is true. But there is much, MUCH more to you. This book is to remind you of your brains and your smarts, what matters the most is your mind and your heart!

All princesses have talents, they each possess. And it isn't important to be the best. Just do what you do, keep at it, try hard. This gift will take your art talent far. (paint) Last but not least, we want you to know, your our little princess wherever you go! (frame with Brooklyn that says "princess".
Of course I was crying, and don't judge the poem, I wrote it down on scratch paper two minutes before she opened her gifts! It was an awesome party, I love my little princess!!!!!