Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Elliot's Turns 3! (with Hand, Foot, Mouth)

In Granada, Nicaragua for her 3rd B-day!

Elliot turned three on October 17th, while we were still in Nicaragua. We had discussed, in her presence, that we would pretend her birthday was the 18th because we were traveling on the 17th and it wouldn't be that fun of a day. So, the morning of the 17th we are leaving the hotel and I say, "oooooh, Elliot, your birthday is tomorrow!" and her response is, "no it's not! It's TODAY!' I guess you can't trick a 3 year old. So we celebrated with chocolate, a swim, manicure/pedicures at the Hotel Spa Granada, a visit to an active Volcano, and a trip across the boarder. It was a pretty great b-day for her!

The next day we were going to have a big party, but it got cancelled because she had a pretty bad case of Hand, Foot, Mouth. Her bestesst friend and the family still had a party though since we all had the illness comin' for us anyway. It was a wonderful night celebrating a WONDERFUL little girl!

  1. She laughs a lot.
  2. She is very sensitive and caring. She loves to share.
  3. She is extremely tough...nick named SCARFACE :)
  4. She gives the best hugs.
  5. She will always dance!
  6. When she talks it lights up a room, ESPECIALLY when she talks in spanish.
  7. She loves to help out in the kitchen, chopping, washing, and cooking.
  8. She will go anywhere with me. She loves to be out and about.
  9. She can swim like a champion!
  10. She is just herself! A funny, down to earth, loving, fantastic, chunky, spunky, wild, crazy, wonderful little nugget!

Enjoying the handmade chocolate!

Mani Pedi time!

And then we chilled poolside.

Not feeling her best, but it was still a great party! (see if you can count her scars!)

Cashier's Table or mini kitchen also crafted with love by Travis.! THANK YOU!!!!!
Beautiful wood crafted gifts made by her best friends daddy, Travis.

And we wonder why we ALL got HANDFOOTMOUTH?!

Elliot with her Bestie, Ruby.

Oh, how the time flies....

Rainbow themed and on the healthier side...