Sunday, February 22, 2009


Everyone who knows Brody, knows he does not love dinosaurs, he is obsessed with them.

So Santa planned way ahead this year, and got Brody two tickets to walking with the dinosaurs in January. Of course, I was his first pick for a date, (I wish) but with a new baby he had to settle for Daddy. Santa was very thoughtful, he knows how much Brody loves dinosaurs and so he got him front row tickets! Prior to the show I must have gotten at least a dozen phone calls about the show and suggestions that I get tickets for Brody. EVERYBODY knows how much Brody loves dinosaurs. He had a really good time, such a good time in fact, that he couldn't take a potty break and had a little accident when the show was over. Brody always gives us a good buffer between his request to use the restroom and when he actually needs to go, but he really pushed his bodily limits this time. No t-Rex, triceratops, brachiasaurous, or velociraptor would be missed by this young paleontologist! The show was larger than life, with a little comic relief. It is amazing that the boy still loves dinosaurs. He has loved, collected, watched, and read about them for 4 of his 6 years on this earth. I hope his infatuation with them continues on throughout his life!


Baby Elle had her first food today! She actually got as much in her mouth as she did on her face. At first she just kind of stared at it with big eyes, and only opened her mouth when the food touched her lips. It didn't take her long to understand the rules of the game though, and after a few bites her mouth was gaping and her hands were grasping for the food! Brody and Brooklyn got a real kick out of it too. We love you baby girl!!!


I took the kids to the gym on Saturday to jump on the trampoline, I had completely forgotten the music and arts festival was taking place and the dancing and music was happening in our gym. I had also taken my sisters kids with me because she has deserted me this week for sunnier days in Mexico. Well, Brooklyn was delighted to see costumed dancers in there, but all the boys were very dissapointed and immediately begged to go home. I shared Brooklyn's opinion and wanted to stay to get a little culture. I had to bribe all the boys with a trip to the gas station and an allowance of $1 a piece. The cost was well worth it for me and I enjoyed myself thourougly. The boys all had alot of fun too (especially while they thought I wasn't watching,) although Hudson (my nephew) would only admit it if we slipped him a little laughing gas! The African drumb portion was my favorite, probably because it sent me back to my roots, and it was all I could do not to stand up and start dancing. I will be enrolling in African dance classes soon, I hope they will come teach them at our facility. It is fantastic!!!


We're not worthy!! I love living here in the valley of Eden. Population: 3,500Ski Resorts: 3 (Snow Basin, Wolf Mt. and Powder Mt.)Lakes: 1 (Pineview Res.)Grocery Store: 1 (Valley Market)Good Resteraunts: 1 (Harley and Bucks for BBQ)Traffic Lights: 0Gyms: 1 (High Altitude Fitness)Races: 4 (Ogden Valley Marathon, X-Terra World Championsips, Pineview Triathlon, Wasatch Back)Back Country: Unlimited (for 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, rock climbing, hiking, mt. biking, etc. Tom prefers the big boy toys, while I tend to shy away from anything that uses gas!)Things Missing: 1 ( The ocean, but really, who can get it all?!!! I'll settle for this wonderful place!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today is the beginning of a three day storm. It's not looking good, although on Saturday when the Storm settles and the sun comes out it will be epic skiing...for Tom of course, I can't exactly shred the mountain with a baby stuck to my.... Tom is crazy and doesn't wear snow clothes or gloves when shoveling our driveway. Every other person in the valley has a snow blower to do the job, but Tom insists on doing it the 'real man' way! That-a-boy, you show us the real man in you!!!


I have taken my kids skiing several times this year. That's right, me with a 3 month old baby in tow, and two beginner skiers! We have actually had quite a bit of success, so I was really looking forward to our whole family spending a day on the slopes. The day started off taking an amazing amount of time just to get ready! I think we started at about 9am with breakfast, then getting dressed, (several times in order to make the under clothes and socks feel just right,) and a stop at the ski shop to fix Tom's snowboard and get the kiddies skis fitted just right.

We finally hit the slopes at about 11:30am at which time the Saturday ski traffic tripled the usual weekday crowds. We got started on the Magic Carpet, but the 'foot traffic' Nazi was out, so I couldn't help Brooklyn while Tom helped Brody. That left Tom with a two to one ratio, in addition he had Brody on the snowboard, determined to keep him 'pure'. Brooklyn was spanking them both getting in two runs for every one of theirs.

After Brooklyn's third run, which she actually completed without falling once, she was cold and ready for some hot chocolate. Elliot was getting heavy in my arms, Brody was getting nowhere fast on his board, Tom kept glancing up into the snowboard park with a distracted fantasy stare, the Manager of Wolf Mountain was out on the kiddy run yelling at everyone who was walking with their kids in tow, and despite the sunshine it was a getting a little cold. (For Elliot, not for me of course, I am invincible to cold!!!) Tom and I are also determined to avoid Hot Chocolate breaks as often as possible, we don't want our kids to get the wrong idea about the purpose of going to the mountain. Don't get me wrong, I'm not entirely opposed to buying overpriced, mediocre food. However, I'd just as soon stock up on hot chocolate at home before making them think they have to go through the ski escapade in order to get some. So after only spending about 45 min. at the mountain, we decided to put the day down in the books as 'experience' and try it again during the week. We ventured through the canyon and down to the Barnes and Nobles for a warm, quiet afternoon of reading, also a potentially disastrous activity to do with the kiddos, although this time it turned out for the best! I imagine if we had had to travel an hour or so, and spend a fortune on lift tickets and rental packages, my kids would have spent the afternoon skiing whether they liked it or not! Thankfully, Tom and I were able to maintain cheerful attitudes through the entire endeavor and our kids won't have to overcome a permanent aversion to skiing!!
We are grateful that the proximity of the resort leaves us brave enough to do it again, and again, and again, until our kids understand the joy that comes from a full day on the slopes!!!