Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Different Kind of Panache

Our friend James A. Berry wrote this hilarious e-mail to us last night after we enjoyed and evening with them:

So...Brooklyn and I went through Reid's entire wardrobe looking for an acceptable pj ensemble for Ellie. Most were received with a 'talk to the hand' wave off. (insane amount of panache BTW) Others with a 'are you kidding?' look. Finally Brooklyn was able to convince her sister that THIS wonderful combo was where it is at! And why you must wonder? Because it matched...

Matching outfit...Pretty much the last thing I was thinking would be the tipping point.

Good times tonight Burtons...we must roast wieners again together sometime.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Panache

This Wednesday we had some random holiday that proceeds Easter in such an awkward spot. What can you do with a free day in the middle of the week? Can't go on a weekend trip, can't even go on a long day trip, because there is still school on Thursday and who wants kids completely wiped out? No where to shop, no movies to go to. Of course there is ALWAYS the beach, or a local beach club, but the kids weren't feeling it. We did the beach every day for the entire previous week. We could clean? No, we did enough of that yucky stuff the week of Easter when Reyna was off. "Well", I sat around thinking, "what to do, what to do?" I called my good friend Alex to see what she was up to. She announced they were going out on The Panache, a great catamaran that leaves out of the harbor 3 minutes from my house. I called and they had the extra space. Wahooooo! I can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday, plus kids sail free!

Just Relaxing as we set off out of the harbor.

Our good friends Jon and Alex who had the great idea!
They have 3 girls all of whom are adored by my children. We have known these guys for less than a year, but it feels like we've known them for ages. Lovin' us some Zepedas!

Then we found the perfect spot for a little dip. Alex loves the water as much as I love the sun. If there is water around, she'll be in it!

We all did a little snorkeling and swam.

Arms up!

Then we dried off and ate some yummy fajitas and bottomless glasses of Fresca!

Sun starts to set as we sail towards home.

The trampoline up front doubles as a great spot for the kids to rough house. Tom came up with some pretty 'safe' games. (In my opinion tripping and boats don't really go together...)

The sun had set but the cloud was reflecting the colors and the light from the sun. I wish I had something better than the Olympus Stylus to capture the moment. It'll have to go on my Christmas wish list. (hint, hint Tom)

The Zepedas all call Elliot a blueberry, because she loves wearing blue and purple and she's just so round and delicious!

Heading in for shore. What a wonderful Wednesday!