Sunday, November 1, 2009

Elle's First Steps - September 26th, 2009

Don't mind my super loud-high pitched voice...."venga, bueno!"...I sound even worse in Spanish!!!

Selling Tacos - October 2009

Just off the beach, selling Tacos out of the back of the truck.

The Young Men's decided the way they would raise money for camp would be to sell tacos...lots of work grocery shopping, chopping and bbqing, and in the end...well, let's just say if it was the "Apprentice," they might not have won the challenge, but they probably wouldn't have been fired either. The tacos were AMAZING! I bought two :) Brody hung out with Tom the whole time, and overall, I think it was a successful experience.

Ryan Baughman's Visit to Costa Rica - October 2009

Surfing, does the body good!

A rare pic. of the two of us together....I'm not actually yelling at Tom, but I think he is ignoring me :)
Tom's Cousin, Ryan Baughman...yes ladies, he is single. Eat your heart out!

He wasn't even trying for this perfect 'rose in mouth' pose, it just comes naturally. Tom kept on calling Ryan and his friends, "the male model entourage," it's obvious why :)

Waves like this keep me under a little longer than I like, I get completely claustrophobic with all that water on top of me...yikes!

After only a few tries, Ryan is practically a professional at paddle boarding.

Part 1

Part 2
Jason had a great camera, thanks for the pics!

Tom scoping out the waves, he's relaxed and happy when he's in the water.

Had to add this says to me, "Cool Water Cologne", yes ladies, he is single too.

Perfect Sunset, on a perfect day.

The Male Model Entourage!

Having friends and family visit is what makes living in Costa Rica so enjoyable. Life has managed to find us here, and we get really busy, going days and lately even weeks, without going to the beach :( However, when we have visitors, everything goes on hold and we enjoy this place as if we were on vacation too! Ryan was accompanied by his single friends, Brad and Jason, who didn't seem bothered to have an old married couple joining them everywhere. We went surfing a bunch, went out to eat, and had them over for our famous fish tacos. We had a lot of sunshine and just a little bit of rain. A little rain is good, as it makes for good pics! It was so super fun, and visitors like that are welcome any time! Ryan also brought us a new camera, since ours got murdered in Nicaragua. Thanks Ryan!