Monday, August 3, 2009

This Week In the Life of the Burtons

School, the beach, surfing, dinner parties, exercise....TRANTULAS!!!!!!!

Property that was developed for building, but now stands vacant as protected area. BEAUTIFUL spot right on the beach of Playa Grande.

Brooklyn and Brandon dancing at William's birthday dinner. Notice Brooklyn's sweaty face :)

BBQ pork for an army, that's how they do it here, tons of meat.

This Tarantula walked right out onto the dance floor for a Salsa lesson. He's lucky Elle wasn't crawling near him, or I would have made him Tarantula Salsa!

Biggest Spider I have ever seen out of a tank! This particular one doesn't bite, but his pee is poisonous. On your skin, it will only burn, but if it lands in an open wound....get yourself to the hospital!

Enjoying a Sunday Mango :)