Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Mother's Day!

One of the benefits of being an American mother living in Costa Rica is we get to celebrate Mother's Day twice a year. Mother's day in Costa Rica and throughout central America is August 15th. The first few years we lived here Tom didn't really catch on, ya know, we always thought it might be our last year here and two holidays for moms isn't really over doing it. In order to be excessive with this matter one would have to demand a day of appreciation once a week. But this year when the American Mother's day rolled around Tom said,"We live in Costa Rica and we will celebrate the Costa Rican Mother's day." He thought he was off the hook, until yesterday !! It was funny because when I brought it up he tried to tell me we only celebrate the American holiday, I almost got ripped off! In the end he came through , and I think it was one of my favorite Mother's days ever!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oreo Loves the Beach

I don't normally take Oreo with me to the beach, it's just too much to handle with the kids, the stray dog gangs, and the occasional wedding. This week, since Owen is in town and I had the extra hands, we took him along. It was tons of fund to ride our bikes up and down the hard packed wet sand and have Oreo chase us. At one point he just stared very royally out to the sea, with his tongue hanging into the breeze like a dog with it's head out the car window. Reflecting on the times when the beach was an expensive adventure and not just jaunt down the street . So grateful !

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rainy Days of Summer

Our summer vacation feels a little backward here.  When the traveling is over, we flee indoors to rest and listen to the rain.  It's dark by 6pm (as usual) but it feels even darker when we skype our family back in Utah at 9pm and they are all still out on the trampoline!  Of course, we get to do the "nanny nanny boo boo" in December when we spend our Christmas vacation sailing and picnicking sea side.

One plus side to the rainy season is our rainy day walks.  We need something to break up the long days when we our out of school and most of our friends are out of town.  Nothing like puddles and a red umbrella to brighten the mood!