Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rainy Season Craft Days and Pajamas

Rainy season is getting a little old, but thanks to the little libraria in Huacas we can still have craft day! This one was put on by our good friend Amy Jacobs. Another beautiful project to adorn my house! Brooklyn is pictured here in her favorite clothes, lol, pajamas!
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Monkeys on the Way to School

We love seeing monkeys on the way to school! They are out in full force right now, on campus, around our neighborhood, and in the trees by the beach.
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Science Report on the Frog - He Did it with ZERO help from mom and dad!

"Helping out, stopping the polution could bring fungus disease back and kill more frogs. Detailed research needs to be done to determine what will happen to the frogs when polution is gone. As of yet there is no captive breading progra. In the future one should be set up. This will bring the number of frogs back up. What can we do? Try to reduce emmissions, to prevent global warming further developing. Let people know about the current situation of the frog. Make the world aware!"

- Part of a sience report on the frog :)
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Old School Memory

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My brother Owen loves to photo shop! LOL Brody was only a few weeks old. I look so tired! I miss that couch. Thanks Owen for this awesome memory!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Goodbye Monster - TEAR!

Our brave little doggy. So silly, jumping and barking at the fan, playing soccer with big rocks, chasing skunks. You were always so stinky and you barely had any teeth left! You barked at everything and made us feel so safe. You were scary to everyone but us. It was your obsession with chasing little creatures that got the best of you in the end. Those darn poisonous toads, too much even for the mighty. We miss your love. We miss you Monster! We miss you so much!

A Day in Brooklyn's Class

Brooklyn is in the cutest 1st grade class! I love the teacher and I love being in the adorable classroom with all the good energy of these little minds. This was an especially fun day because they were studying the world map and I got to make a cake with my new fondant recipe that rocks! Being a mom can be pretty darn fun!

I even learned a little about world geography while carving out the map, it was pretty tricky with the islands. So fun!

1 stick butter
2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
6 cups powdered sugar
A dash of vanilla

Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Mix well. If not the consistency wanted, add more powdered sugar a half cup at a time (should be texture of play do). Roll out on a powdered surface till thickness wanted. Then lay over cake. If you want colored fondant add a dash of food coloring and knead.

Submitted by: Bridger Larsen

Totally works!!!