Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling God's Love For Me

I feel overwhelmed today by how much God loves us, loves me. I can feel in my heart that he has a deep understanding of my thoughts, capabilities, weaknesses, challenges, needs and limits. There have been several experiences lately that have reaffirmed my faith in His presence and hand in my life.

When I picked Brody up from school last Wednesday he had a low, low grade fever and wasn't feeling very well. One glance in his throat the next morning, and we were in the car to the dr. immediately. His right tonsil was the size of a grape and looked like it had gone through a cheese grater. I couldn't believe he didn't have a booming fever! The dr. said it was an abyss and we had to see the Peadatric ENT in SJO the next day. We arranged our work schedules, Brooklyn and Elliot's schedules, and hit the road in the morning. It wasn't an absyss, but surgery is a must. He will be having a biopsy on Friday, and then surgery most likely the following weekend. At least two more weekends in SJO ahead of us, and probably a $3,000 tab. Because of the timing of Tom's new job and new salary, at this time we are able to give Brody all our emotional energy, instead of stressing about how we will pay for private healthcare, or waiting on the list for public healthcare. We are of course worried for our little man, but we know it's all for the best. His tonsils have been an issue for quite some time now. I feel so strongly, that the Lord knew Tom's capacity on this one. The Lord's Handiwork is in the details of our lives.

Prior to Tom getting this new job, we booked our summer trip home to the states. Our travels to see friends and family takes us all over the map, so we book our flights one leg at a time. The last leg of our tickets were to leave from Charlotte, North Carolina at the end of a five week trip. Well, five weeks is no longer an option with Tom's new career path. He could only stay 2 weeks and I wanted to stay 3 and a half. The stress of changing the flights, and paying the outrageous associated fees, along with the type of flight we booked (a 4am check in all alone with my kiddos) was looming over me like a heavy cloud. I didn't do anything about it. Every time I thought about it, I felt impressed just to wait. I thought, "wait for what? For ticket prices to get more expensive?" The truth was, I just didn't know what to change it to anyway, or how I would afford it. Last night I received an e-mail from Jet Blue, check out the picture below. Needless to say, the flight didn't even connect properly any more. I called Jet Blue and the agent tried to change the departure times to make it work. After being on hold for 10 minutes she got back on the line and said, "would you like a full refund?" Flight schedule changed, and I get a full refund? That never happens! In all my life, this has never happened to me, a changed flight and no other options for them to book me on, so a full refund. Of all the flights that Jet Blue could have changed, this one? The one that I NEEDED changed, so Tom could get back to his new job and I wouldn't have to do such a heinous flight alone? Yes, that one.

I don't believe when the stars align in my life that it is a coincidence. Nor do I believe that we are God's little play pawns, and this is just a game. I believe, with all the feeling of my heart, that this is God loving me and helping me. Just as I would do whatever I could to ease the pain in Brody's life right now, Heavenly Father is ever so tenderly and knowingly easing mine. His love wraps around me like a warm blanket, reaching into my heart and comforting me. I am so grateful that I believe in my Heavenly Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful that I believe that it is His love for me that brings me these miracles. It helps me move forward with joy.

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