Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year - Camping on the Beach

Talk about a good site...free too. Dry season, so trees are bare, but it was nice and hot!
(You can see why I would have thoughts of Tsunami!)

After our busiest Christmas EVER, we decided to recover on New Year's by camping on the beach with our friends William and Kenya. We camped at Playa Minas, which is normally quite pristine, but it turns out to be a favorite local camping spot during the holidays. If you go any other time of year you'll most likely be one of two people on the beach, but even with the loads of people it was just what we needed.

We had a delicious bbq, a huge bonfire, and enjoyed a full moon. The sound of the waves lapping up on the beach only a few feet away from us was quite musical....until it was time to sleep. When I closed my eyes I found it actually gave me a little anxiety. I had a flash back of a tsunami nightmare I once had. Visions of my family clinging to a large tree, and the feeling of a life size wave crashing over me and then......well, I think that's enough details. I kept looking up all night long, to make sure the ocean hadn't receded and there was, indeed, a gigantic wave coming towards us. After all was said and done, the whole scene proved to be a fantastic backdrop for camping and to bring in the new year. (I must admit, I do miss my mountains. I'll have to fill up on them when I come home for July.) Elle was in heaven of course, she is my tom boy. Not afraid of dirt or sand, or of being sticky. In fact, I do believe sand is her favorite substance in the whole world. Needless to say, she had a blast! Brody and Brooklyn didn't actually complain of the sand at all either, quite a transformation from our recent trip to Mexico where neither of them would even set foot on the white sand beach! Brody caught a fish. I think he was the only one. But he put it back, it must have gazed at him just right, appealing to his softer side. Who am I kidding? Brody only has 'the softer side.' I love him for it!

All in all, it was a great way to spend a night and a full day. We'll do it again for sure. When we come home from our state side trip in August, I'll be bringing all my high tech camping gear back with me. But for now....tico style!

This fish wasn't dead, and rest assured, it is living out the remainder of it's long life in the big, blue ocean. Check out Brooklyn's face!

Brody yawning and enjoying the view.

Brooklyn loves camping....and pj's. URG!

Elle enjoying the heat of the fire, barefoot and almost naked. As usual.

This pic is just for the Burtons....I told you my kids were capable of enjoying the sand. I guess in Mexico they just wanted to take advantage of the pool.

Check out the local girls....they couldn't get enough of Brooklyn. Do you think she has their attention??? Do you think she was loving it??

The waves at high tide are fast and surprisingly strong, even after they've broken. The water comes up all the way to the tree line.

My stud man caught a fish!