Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Been So Long...So Very Long! (if you know what movie that is from, you are probably Cindi :))

I haven't posted a blog for a very long time, but a very lot has happened! Get ready for one very long paragraph!
Mid August I returned home to Utah to teach a cheer camp, and move High Altitude Kid's facility to a new location. The trip to the airport could be an entry all in itself, but to paraphrase...
  • pretty sunset
  • accident on a single lane road makes for a very long drive
  • dinosaur park rest stop results in a very fearful Brooklyn
  • hilarious hotel with cold shower produces an angry mommy moment

  • safe departure and flight home

The business trip to Utah included...
  • Work, work, work, more work, did I say work, and then I did some work, and then there was work to be get the picture.
  • Brooklyn getting to see friends and family. She was reassured that everyone was still there as we left them. I think she had been experiencing some anxiety that they were all gone forever. :(

  • Cafe Rio
  • I had the chance to see my little sister Cindi and her new baby Rowen, who is an adorable miniature Jordan. (not that Jordan isn't adorable:)) We didn't have much time to go out, but just spending some time together was very nice.
  • My Uncle Leon and Aunty Liz were visiting from South Africa. We got to hang out, eat yummy South African treats, catch up on all the family back home, and look at wedding pictures. I felt blessed to have a chance to reconnect with my South African roots!
  • I went to the Balloon Festival in Eden with my family and Liz and Leon. The world's largest hot air balloon was set in motion in the form of the energizer bunny.
  • Carl's Jr.
  • Did Sunday dinner and a little last minute shopping with Lindsay and Debbie. We made it to my favorite ice cream stop in Bountiful, and I got to hear in person the exciting announcement that Lindsay is expecting! Congratulations :)
At Grandma Debbie's

At the end of my trip I left a tearful sister and business partner, once again, but this time not because she was going to miss me, because there was so much work ahead. As it turns out, there is much more work than we could have ever imagined when Tom and I planned this adventure...hang in there girl, your amazing, I love you!!!
  • I made the trip with Brooklyn and Elliot, a full day of traveling, both ways, and not one temper trantrum or melt down! The way home was a red eye, with a 3 hour layover in Denver. Everything was closed, so we just rode the train back and forth between terminals. Brooklyn said it felt like the Tower of Terror ride in Disneyland. We were glad to have something to pass the time. Elliot and Brooklyn slept the entire last leg of the flight, but sleep evaded me. At one point, I found myself trying to get comfortable on the FLOOR! I must have been really desperate.

  • I finally arrived home to my gorgeous, and even thinner, husband whom I missed very much. Of course he and Brody had two weeks of male bonding, but he reassured me I too was missed. The two of them really took advantage of their time together. They went to a movie in Liberia, where Brody was completely indulged and ate treats until he actually vomited. We usually only save that kind of a binge for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, but I think being on vacation from mommy is equal to one of those holidays, as far as eating habits go. They spent a few days at the beach, Brody graduated from Kindergarted (again), and they went to a volcano and hot springs. Sounds pretty rough! It was the longest Tom and I have ever been apart, and we have no plans to be separated from one another for that long ever again! I was also greeted at the airport by my brother Owen, which brings me to my next point....Our first visitor!