Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of School at La Paz

Elliot's first day of preschool! Brody heading to Mr. Dodges 4th grade class and Brooklyn heading into 2nd with Geneva and Sara team teaching. First day they focused on Peace Practices, get to know you, and schedules.

Elliot was so nervous when we walked in and some of the preschoolers were crying. She was like, " what is this place where all the kids are crying?". She wanted to be with the big kids who seemed much happier to be there! As soon as she found Ayla she was fine. They held hands and looked on like dear in headlights, it was quite the sight!
Brooklyn was greeted by her close friends and felt really happy. She said the best part so far was the dry wick athletic uniforms were so comfortable!
Brody was excited to start class with mr. Dodge, supposedly the world's best teacher. He has to make all new friends, but the task doesn't seem to phase him.
When we came home Elliot passed out in dead man's pose on her bed. She never naps , but it was quite a day!

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