Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's been a long time since I felt like what was happening in my family life was worth documenting, worth remembering.  Of course there have been beautiful moments, laughter, affection, and LIFE in the last couple of years, but it was a time that was clouded by grief and transition.  I couldn't bring myself to write beyond my journal, or post pics beyond FB.  But I am ready now.

We can only discern our shadow from the light because the sun is shining on our backs!  This week, I finally came to the place where I could fully embrace and be grateful for the gift of all that felt dark for so long.

I feel grateful to have had the experiences that I have had, and to have transformed as I did.  Now when I look at a screen with a blank sheet of paper, my fingers don't ramble over the key board with venom or martyrdom.  And that's how I know it's time for me to write again.  I can document my experience with the new, earth shattering understanding that; "it's all a gift."  This has been my favorite phrase for the last year, and one that I plan to tatoo on my wrist.  No matter what form the gifts come into my life, or how at first they may be disguised, everything is for my greater good.  My custom designed and gift wrap presents from the God and the Universe.

Of course my 3 kiddos are my favorite gifts I have ever received!  And this blog is not only for them, but TO THEM.   I have to have a place where I can do a somewhat decent job of caputuring our adventures, lessons, inspiration, and hardships.  The dirty, and the shiny.  The happy and the sad.  I think it's important to remember it all.  I don't scrap book, journals don't have photos, FB is what I use mostly for business and casual social connections, but not THIS.  This is printable.  This is creative.  This will be a little book of our lives.  This is a little bit of me... for you three.

I make you guys take photos for my fitness Instagram account @happysweating.  You aren't always happy about it, but your are pretty good sports!

You finally got glasses this week Brody! 

You guys finally FINALLY got me to cave and get a pet.  "Honey" cause she's like a honey badger.  Honey Badgers just don'g give a sh*&, and neither does this little one.  I love her.  Thank you guys for nagging me, what a gift she is!

Elliot you had another scary go at croop, but we live in the U.S. now and what a miracle modern medicine is!  Brooklyn did an amazing job of making us all laugh while you got your treatments, until she got HANGRY that is.  

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